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Spice Heist is the ultimate in fun, creative seasoning blends.  Forget about those boring blends you are used to seeing in the spice aisle.  They have been hijacked.  Spice Heist blends deliver bold, fresh new flavors that will enhance any of your favorite ingredients and make any meal outstanding.  Our flavors will spark the appetites and imaginations of home chefs and grillers of any level.

Our seasonings are handcrafted locally using only premium, non-GMO ingredients for maximum flavor.  No MSG, no preservatives and no filler.  When crafting spice blends our principles are boldness and balance.

We also have an extensive collection of recipes on this website that showcase the versatility of our spice blends. Whether it’s a cut of meat, your favorite veggies, a backyard BBQ or a weekend breakfast, Spice Heist always keeps it criminally delicious.


Our story starts several years ago in our hometown of Chicago.  Co-founder Alex Austin found himself disappointed in the bland sausage options at the local grocery store: dull Italian sausages with no zip, boring brats that got lost in the flavor of a bun, and uninspired breakfast sausages that were too salty and greasy.  These just weren’t cutting it.  So he started experimenting with making his own sausages using different cuts of meat, different mixing liquids and, most importantly, different combinations of spices and herbs to boost the flavor.   Over time, as the flavors were being perfected, he found that these distinctive sausage spice blends could be used in all kinds of new ways, such as in burgers, chilis, casseroles and in the best damn breakfast sandwiches ever.  He then took his experimental approach and applied it to commercial spice rubs, which were found to be overly salty and full of filler.  Instead, Alex focused on the flavor of the herbs & spices in the rubs and on whatever they were seasoning, leaving salt secondary.   The boring, uninspired flavor of the mainstream had now been hijacked!  Spice Heist was born.

We work hard to give you bold, fresh and exciting new flavors that will enhance your favorite ingredients.  Maybe you’ll try a familiar flavor in a new way, such as a fresh Bratwurst Burger straight off the grill.  Or maybe something totally new, like Honey Lavender pork chops.  However you use them, our spices bring fun and excitement to kitchens and cookouts nationwide!

Founded in Chicago in 2013 as Prohibition Spice, we became SPICE HEIST in early 2015.

SPICE HEIST is (l-r) Dominick Lombardo (The Spicy Italian), Alison Austin (The Spice Mama) and Alex Austin (The Spice Daddy)

ph: (773) 980-9438

e: info@spiceheist.com